We work with our clients to create training systems in the belief that workers are capable of performing at far higher levels than is realized by most employers.

Task Trainers, Inc. will help you identify and define training that will maximize efficiency in your business.  We believe that training is an individualized process that requires customization to meet the training needs of your employees.  Investing in your employees’ proper training and training tools will benefit your company for years to come with better productivity and a more knowledgeable workforce.

Our competency-based training model helps our customers improve their bottom line by providing highly trained and efficient workers who can produce more work with less waste.  Management, technology and workplace culture are all considered as we help our clients to develop effective training systems.  Our flexible delivery model reaches those who need training, while the job-centered design guarantees performance. We develop training systems with a focus on supporting our clients existing training efforts and the quality process. 

The Process
At Task Trainers, Inc., we take the time to evaluate your needs and only provide the training solutions you need.  Using our competency-based training model, we will help you to determine the need for training and calculate the potential costs and benefits of a successful training effort before any training begins.  It is important to us to work with each client to blend the right mix of classroom and on-the-job training with the necessary performance support tools to support the company's workforce in achieving its business goals. 

Next, we work with each client to design and develop the training systems, materials, and support tools to ensure the right training solution for each situation.  We will work with you to ensure that the training systems and procedures we create help your employees to become more successful today and in the future. Finally, we help you successfully implement the training system in your corporate culture.  Our Training Philosophy

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