Learning Guides and On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Using data developed through job/task analysis, and additional research information provided by our clients, Task Trainers develops learning materials in a learning guide format. By designing materials in this way, we can provide our customers with the flexibility to provide both individualized and classroom instruction, with a powerful, structured, on-the-job training component.

Learning guides are made up of a series of learning objectives that provide training through information sheets, self-checks, and activity sheets that allow the trainee to learn information and practice new skills in incremental steps. The activity sheets provide a structured on-the-job experience that is closely monitored by a training mentor. Each learning guide includes a final synthesizing experience in the form of a knowledge check and on-the-job skills check. These training activities ensure that the trainee has learned the required knowledge and skills and can successfully demonstrate them on the job.

The learning guide format also provides the foundation for easy transfer into electronic medium for multimedia training, or an electronic performance support system (EPSS) or tool. The information is easily transferred into computer-based training, if that is appropriate to your work environment.

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Job Aides and Electronic Peformance Support Systems