Multi-Craft and Flexible Work Team Training

Developing a flexible workforce can give an organization a tremendous competitive advantage. This reality has led many organizations to begin developing multi-craft skilled trades people and organizing production workers into flexible work teams.   This creates a productive workforce that can quickly react to customers' demands in a rapidly changing global economy.

Pay for Knowledge/Pay for Skill Systems

As organizations begin to look at ways to redesign their production and work environments, many are developing pay-for-knowledge/pay-for-skill systems. These compensation systems offer employees the opportunity to be rewarded for the knowledge and skills they develop in their jobs and other related positions. In team environments, each team member is required to learn the job task of his/her position. Over time, the worker is also given the opportunity to learn both the knowledge and skill components of other jobs in the work unit. Pay is adjusted to reflect that increase in knowledge and skill.  Task Trainers’ competency-based training systems establish the training tools that are the foundation for successfully implementing a pay-for-knowledge /pay-for-skill system.
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