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Increasingly, corporate customers are contracting with Task Trainers for training development services because they see the correlation between effective technical training and improvement in the quality process. Customers are also discovering that our training development methods can help document work processes and develop information that is used in situations beyond employee training.

We help our customers identify where ambiguous or conflicting information or processes exist. We look at how the customer, the product, and the flow of work interact in your business. This provides a unique view of how work is done which cuts across typical organizational or functional boundaries. We also look at the internal and external customer/supplier relationships and transformations by which products and services are produced. This results in a "data warehouse" from which information can be extracted for use in a variety of applications. Through our training development process, Task Trainers provides our customers with a range of products and services. Specific examples include:

This blend of services is designed to help our customers create complete training systems. Our approach ensures that training is job/system/process specific, focused on critical skills, cost effective, and capable of use in a variety of training formats and work situations. In building successful competency-based training systems, we work in partnership with both managers and workers. These people are the subject matter experts who complement our training process expertise. As a training system evolves, employees and management develop ownership of the system.  For most customers, Task Trainers' services begin to produce results in terms of increased profits and quality improvements within the initial phase of project work. Examples of savings include:

A fully developed training system allows our customers to save costs by improving overall efficiency. In addition, effective training supports improved profits as workers accept more responsibility for the problem-solving process and make a greater commitment to the quality improvement process.

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Competency-Based Training