Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Once training materials are developed and a training system is put in place, Task Trainers will work with you to develop a core group of internal trainers. These trainers are skilled workers who demonstrate leadership qualities; they are taught how to implement the training and to help maintain the training system. We conduct train-the-trainer workshops that are designed to help new trainers learn the skills they need to be successful teachers. They will learn how to use competency-based training materials to deliver effective training.

This workshop is for subject matter experts, skilled craftsmen and technically competent workers who are identified for their expertise and leadership ability but need the facilitation, lesson development and delivery skills essential for the delivery of a high quality classroom or on-the-job training. 

No one has more of the knowledge and skill needed to successfully complete work tasks than the person who is successfully doing those tasks on the job.  The workshop assists these skilled workers in mastering the training skills needed to transfer technical knowledge and skill to another worker.  It is designed for delivery in the plant, factory, mill or manufacturing facility where the workshop trainees will utilize the skills learned to train their coworkers.

The train-the-trainer workshops can include training on a variety of topics. The core workshop units include:

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