Troubleshooting and Process Flow Charts

In the analysis phase of the training development process, Task Trainers helps you to define and document your company’s production systems and work processes. We work with your employees (subject matter experts) to flowchart each step in each of your production processes to document how work is done. The flowchart identifies and clarifies where key decisions are made and identifies the relationship between each of the work elements in the production process. This level of flow chart is not a typical organization flow chart, but rather, a system flowchart. This system flowchart looks not only at "who,” but also "what,” "why" and "how" work is done in the organization. These process flowcharts can help to clarify the interface between jobs, processes and departments.

Successfully troubleshooting problems in a work process or production system is critical to maintaining efficiency and production. Often the only way to accurately develop effective troubleshooting training and job support tools is to flowchart the problem-solving process that workers must follow to analyze and resolve a production or maintenance problem.

Operations and maintenance problem-solving flowcharts are often one part of addressing the solution to a specific problem. In many cases, expensive calls to outside support can be addressed by the development of effective troubleshooting flowcharts and supporting documentation.

Our staff has the expertise and experience to successfully assist your employees in documenting and flowcharting production systems and troubleshooting procedures.

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