Work Instructions, Job Procedures and Job Safety Analysis

The services offered by Task Trainers provide our customers with information that can be used beyond training. Job, system, and task analysis provides an objective review of manufacturing and business processes.

Training, along with the documentation of work instructions, is a critical part of ISO certification. It is imperative that these two components have a direct, traceable link to each other. Our analysis techniques provide the objective framework for collecting valuable data that allows our clients to standardize work processes, and document the job procedures and work instructions necessary for ISO and QS certification. Work instructions are often located at the workstation. In training these are often referred to as job aids, which may also be developed into electronic performance support tools.

In our analysis process, each identified task is analyzed to determine the steps, related knowledge, safety, hazardous conditions, tools/equipment and standards of performance. This is where variances are identified and consistency in quality and operational standards are established. The task analysis information becomes the basis for ISO work instructions and Job Safety Analysis. It is also used in the training material as information sheets. This creates a measurable tie-in to the training of management, technical supervisors, production supervisors, and workers. This also supports improved employee motivation as workers begin to understand how the tasks they perform relate to the total work process.

During training development, ISO principles and procedures can be integrated into training materials. This allows for quality in production, verification, measuring, and testing.

As job and task analysis information is created, production workers communicate with Quality, Engineering, Human Resources, and other groups who support them in their jobs. The training development process is structured so that everyone focuses on shared problems and uses teamwork to identify and enact shared solutions.

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